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Student’s First Amendment claim reinstated on appeal

Students walking at school

A former Williamsburg-James City County high school student’s First Amendment claim against the county’s school board was reinstated after the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found the former student’s complaint “plausibly alleges a First Amendment claim.” The court upheld ...

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Equal Pay claim turns on wage rate, not total compensation

Where an employee alleges she was paid less than male comparators, the court should only consider an employee’s base salary or wage rate, and not additional compensation like commissions. Background This appeal arises from the district court’s grant of summary ...

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‘Contemporaneous’ access to complaints ordered

Where there is a historic right of access to judicial documents because they provide the public with insight into the functioning of the judicial process, two Virginia courts were ordered to provide “contemporaneous’’ access to newly filed complaints.. Background Courthouse ...

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