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Tag Archives: Judge Dominique A. Callins

Major probation violation report correctly admitted

Reports documenting appellant’s absconding from probation and being convicted of crimes in another jurisdiction were properly admitted at appellant’s probation violation hearing. Appellant’s argument that he was denied his rights under the Confrontation Clause is not well-taken because the reports ...

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‘Safety valve’ provision rejected in drug-gun case

There was sufficient evidence for the trial court to conclude that firearms found in appellant’s home were connected to his illegal drug sales. The court correctly rejected his request to apply the statutory “safety valve” provision regarding firearms in connection ...

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No retroactive application of sentencing limitation

Where the court revoked appellant probationer’s two-year previously suspended sentence, it was not limited to imposing a 14-day sentence for his technical violations. The statute imposing such limitation did not become effective until after his violations. Appellant’s due process argument ...

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No conflict of interest or ‘Miranda’ violation

Where appellant was convicted for first-degree murder, assaultive crimes and armed burglary, the convictions is not marred by defense counsel’s alleged conflict of interest. Further, appellants pre-Miranda statements were properly admitted under Miranda’s public safety exception. ‘Miranda’ incident Appellant Holman ...

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