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Tag Archives: Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon

Treadmill class action suit keeps running

A class action lawsuit alleging that a treadmill manufacturer violated warranties and fraudulently misrepresented its horsepower capabilities outran dismissal in the Western District of Virginia. After allowing the plaintiff to sidestep a jurisdictional roadblock, Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon refused to ...

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Treadmill manufacturers sued for alleged false statements

Where the purchaser of a treadmill alleged that manufacturers made false representations about the treadmills’ horsepower, her Virginia warranty and fraud claims survived their motions to dismiss. Background This is a putative class action brought by Wendy Prince, on behalf ...

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Summary judgment denied in government contractor dispute

Where there were disputed issues of material fact over whether a government contractor was entitled to recover for claimed project change notices, or PCNs, where it allegedly failed to obtain written authorization prior to executing the alleged changes, summary judgment ...

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Claims fail where employee wasn’t qualified for position

Where an employee’s doctor concluded he had significant physical restrictions, including limitations on lifting, standing, walking, bending, squatting, crawling, pushing and pulling, and many of these were requirements of the engineering technician position pursued by the employee, he was not ...

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