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Medical assistant can pursue race discrimination claim (access required)

Where a former medical assistant for the University of Virginia Medical Center alleged her termination was the result of race discrimination, at the motion to dismiss stage UVA could not rely on her termination document to argue that she was ...

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CFPB can sue immigration bond middleman (access required)

Where the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, alleged companies who act as an intermediary between immigration detainees and sureties and their bond agents made misrepresentations, the court had subject matter jurisdiction. Although there are limitations in the scope of ...

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Audit of plaintiff’s business practices excluded at trial (access required)

Where an auto parts warehouse distributor sought to introduce a presentation by plaintiff, an automotive parts supplier, that discussed the results of the supplier’s annual audit of its business practices at trial, the presentation was excluded because the audit evidence ...

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Breach of contract claim doomed by first breach (access required)

Where an automotive parts supplier alleged that a warehouse distributor breached the parties’ contract, but the record showed the supplier committed the first breach by failing to keep the distributor competitive in the marketplace, the distributor was granted summary judgment. ...

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Tweet doesn’t restart statute of limitations for defamation (access required)

Where the personal trainer for the former president of Liberty University alleged he was defamed in two articles published in 2019, his March 2021 suit was dismissed because it was filed beyond Virginia’s one-year defamation statute of limitations. Although one ...

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Jury to decide if company was responsible for accident (access required)

Where a driver alleged a road repaving company was responsible for his auto accident, and the parties disputed where the accident occurred and whether the driver switched lanes despite a posted “stay in lane” sign, the company’s motion for summary ...

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