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Improper exclusion of expert results in convictions being vacated (access required)

Where the trial court improperly excluded an expert who would have provided testimony material to the defendants’ defense, two defendants convicted of drug conspiracy charges are entitled to a new trial. Background A federal jury convicted Benjamin Galecki and Charles ...

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Damages from subcontractor’s faulty work not covered by policy (access required)

Where a subcontractor’s faulty excavation work on a building construction project caused a delay in the project and required the subcontractor to perform significant remediation work, the resulting damages incurred by the site owner and general contractor were not covered ...

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Discussion of C-section not relevant to use of force in vaginal delivery (access required)

Where a mother alleged that her obstetrician caused injuries to her child by using excessive force during her vaginal delivery but agreed that he did not violate the standard of care by proceeding with the vaginal delivery, she was precluded ...

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Employee’s previous drug orders were intrinsic to the offenses (access required)

Where an employee was charged with fraudulently obtaining hydrocodone in 2011 through her position at a solo dental practice, the employee’s history of ordering drugs for the practice since 2002 was admissible to show the employee’s pattern of conduct and ...

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