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Tag Archives: Judge Gary Hicks

Doctor prevails in shoulder dystocia case – Defense Verdict (access required)

During a delivery on May 16, 2003, the defendant, an obstetrician and gynecologist, encountered a shoulder dystocia. In response, the defendant performed various delivery maneuvers to safely deliver the plaintiff including the McRobert’s position, suprapubic pressure, Rubin’s, and delivery of ...

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Five equal pieces (access required)

A three-year family fight over owner­ship of a matri­arch’s home in the Rich­mond suburbs may be starting over now that the Supreme Court of Virginia has ordered a new trial. The court reversed a Henrico County judge’s decision to ex­clude ...

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Testing for rare genetic mutation not standard of care – Defense Verdict (access required)

Patient died fol­lowing one cycle of FOLFOX che­motherapy after a diagnosis of Stage IIIB colon cancer. It was later deter­mined that patient had a rare genetic mutation that af­fected his ability to metabolize 5-FU, the active agent in FOLFOX. Adminis­trator ...

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Delivery methods met standard of care, defense experts claim – Defense Verdict (access required)

During the plaintiff mother’s delivery on Jan. 22, 2010, the defendant obstetrician encountered a shoulder dystocia. In response, the defendant obstetrician performed various delivery maneuvers in an effort to safely deliver the infant plaintiff including gentle downward traction, the McRobert’s ...

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