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Mechanic suffered head injury from falling fire extinguisher – $390,000 settlement

A 24-year-old HVAC mechanic was injured when a falling fire extinguisher struck him on the top of his skull. Defendant property owner and defendant contractor mounted the fire extinguisher 17 feet off the floor by a simple ring on a ...

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Woman killed while walking through store parking lot – $3.5 Million Settlement

Plaintiff, a 48-year-old female married with two children, was a customer at a store in Northern Virginia. The plaintiff had exited the store and was walking towards the parking lot using a marked pedestrian crosswalk. An operator of a Ford ...

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Divided 4th Circuit rejects UIM coverage

A federal appeals decision denying underinsured motorist coverage for a fatal truck accident has generated “alarm and concern” about the interpretation of millions of Virginia auto insurance policies, according to lawyers for the claimants. A divided panel of the 4th ...

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Four get top VSB rating for federal judgeship

Four candidates – two lawyers and two federal judges – have received high marks from the Virginia State Bar in their applications for an Alexandria federal judgeship. The VSB and other statewide bar associations ranked as many as 15 candidates ...

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Motion for Sanctions – Failure to Convey Settlement Offer – Reasonable Fees

Blowers v. Lerner (VLW No. 017-3-469, 17 pp.)(Lee, J.) 1:15-cv-889; E.D. Va. Holding:  On a motion for sanctions against respondent opposing plaintiff’s counsel for failure to convey a settlement offer, the court may after dismissing substantive claims retain jurisdiction to ...

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BAC, Officer Observations Support DUI

The Alexandria U.S. District Court affirms the magistrate judge’s decision and upholds defendant’s DUI conviction because there was sufficient evidence to support a finding of guilt, including an officer’s observation of defendant’s multiple lane violations, defendant’s smell of alcohol and ...

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