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Field sobriety test is evidence of intoxication

Where appellant argues that “performance on a field sobriety test cannot serve as evidence of intoxication in determining his guilt,” the argument ignores Virginia caselaw that holds sobriety tests are admissible as circumstantial evidence of intoxication. Appellant’s other assignments of ...

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Court adopted prosecution’s speedy trial calculations

Appellant’s convictions for assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and driving after forfeiture of license are affirmed. There was no speedy trial violation. Defense counsel’s “agreement … to a trial date outside the speedy trial ...

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Sufficient evidence supports robbery and burglary convictions

Where appellant and the victims provided competing versions about the circumstances that led to appellant being charged with statutory burglary and robbery, the trial court, in its fact-finding role, correctly rejected appellant’s version and convicted him of the theft offenses. ...

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