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Post-trial motions against $1.9B award rejected

Although Cisco argued it was entitled to a new trial because a prior ruling ordering it to pay $1.9 billion for infringing a startup’s cybersecurity patents included new theories of infringement and damages not presented by the plaintiff, the infringement ...

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Judge refuses to recuse himself in high-profile infringement suit

Although Cisco Systems, which was sued for patent infringement, argued the trial judge should recuse himself after he discovered his spouse owned shares of Cisco and one of its competitors, the motion was denied because a reasonable person would not ...

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Cisco’s patent infringement results in award over $1.8B

A company that demonstrated that Cisco Systems infringed four of its patents covering complex computer networking security functions was awarded over $755 million in damages. Because Cisco’s infringement was willful, this amount was multiplied 2½ times, resulting in a total ...

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$2 million in fees and costs awarded in court access case

Courthouse News Service prevailed in its suit alleging a lack of timely access to court records and was awarded nearly $2 million in attorneys’ fees and costs. Although the defendants argued the rates charged by Bryan Cave Leighton & Pasiner’s ...

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Qualified immunity for police who reasonably perceived danger

Where police officers reasonably perceived their lives were in danger when a pickup truck accelerated in their direction, they were entitled to qualified immunity for an objectively reasonable use of deadly force. Because the use of force was justified, they ...

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