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Union’s actions regarding trustees not a violation of trust or ERISA (access required)

The court granted summary judgment to a union sued by trustees of the Postal Union Welfare Benefit Trust, finding the union’s decision to shorten trustees’ terms of service, eliminate their staggered terms and their right to select their successors, and ...

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Healthcare providers challenge state abortion rules (access required)

Five abortion providers challenging Virginia’s regulatory framework as overly burdensome may proceed with their claims. Background This is an action filed by five Virginia healthcare providers’ who offer abortion care or services seeking declaratory and injunctive relief from what they ...

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Claim against Virginia-based defendant defeats diversity (access required)

Where homeowners sued a mortgage company and included a claim against the Virginia-based foreclosure company that foreclosed on their property, the case is remanded back to state court for a lack of complete diversity. Background Plaintiff alleges that he and ...

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Case lacking complete diversity remanded to state court (access required)

Because a homeowner and a mortgage company in a breach of fiduciary duty action are both citizens of Virginia, the federal court found no complete diversity between the parties and remanded the case to state court. Background Plaintiff alleges that ...

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Plaintiffs lack standing in suit arising out of trespass conviction at school (access required)

Plaintiffs were convicted of trespass in state court after they refused to leave the school premises. They then filed this complaint. The court held they lacked standing over several claims, should abstain from deciding others, and would decline the state ...

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