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Prison must provide deaf inmate with access to video calls (access required)

Where the record showed a deaf inmate could not communicate in writing because of his lack of English proficiency, that point-to-point videophone calls would not have a “ripple effect” on fellow inmates or prison staff, and that the prison could ...

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Immigration attorney convicted for distracting court conduct (access required)

Where an immigration attorney raised multiple challenges to her conviction for refusing to comply with directions from an immigration judge and a courtroom bailiff to cease distracting conduct during an immigration proceeding, the record demonstrated her conduct was sufficiently disruptive. ...

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School board violated transgender student’s rights (access required)

The Gloucester County School Board’s policy requiring students to use bathrooms matching their “biological gender,” and its refusal to amend a student’s records to reflect his gender identity after his transition, were not substantially related to important governmental interests and ...

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FBI’s two-step interview did not violate ‘Miranda’ (access required)

Where an FBI attaché interviewed the defendant about his association with the Islamic State of Iraq without providing him Miranda warnings, and a different team of FBI agents interviewed him 10 days later after giving Miranda warnings, there was no ...

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4th Circuit clashes over ‘exigent circumstances’ doctrine (access required)


Charges against a Virginia man who was subjected to a warrantless search and seizure will be dropped after a full panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the search violated in the Fourth Amendment in a ...

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