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Tag Archives: Judge Henry F. Floyd

Antitrust pharmaceutical class decertified (access required)

Where a class of pharmaceutical buyers claimed two manufacturers allegedly reached an anticompetitive settlement in a patent dispute, the district court erred in focusing on whether denial of certification would result in “multiple individual trials” when it certified a class. ...

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Failure to address ‘stale’ drug convictions was error (access required)

Where the district court discussed the defendant’s “extensive criminal history,” but never addressed his argument that two California drug convictions that were 34 and 28 years old were stale and should be excluded, his sentence was vacated and the case ...

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$100M grill judgment against Walmart wasn’t well done (access required)

Nearly three years after a federal jury found that Walmart had infringed a competitor’s trademark in marketing its line of barbecue grills, a federal appeals court has determined that the trial didn’t cut the mustard. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court ...

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Refusal, not service, was reason for termination (access required)

Where an employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration was terminated because he refused to participate in a DEA internal investigation, not because of his Coast Guard service, his claims under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, ...

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Prison must provide deaf inmate with access to video calls (access required)

Where the record showed a deaf inmate could not communicate in writing because of his lack of English proficiency, that point-to-point videophone calls would not have a “ripple effect” on fellow inmates or prison staff, and that the prison could ...

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Immigration attorney convicted for distracting court conduct (access required)

Where an immigration attorney raised multiple challenges to her conviction for refusing to comply with directions from an immigration judge and a courtroom bailiff to cease distracting conduct during an immigration proceeding, the record demonstrated her conduct was sufficiently disruptive. ...

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