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Suit moot where challenged opinions withdrawn (access required)

Where a labor union challenged advisory opinions limiting government employees’ speech about impeachment efforts in 2020, but those opinions were withdrawn after then-President Trump left office and there was no credible allegation of any chilling effect from the opinions while ...

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Suit against officials really against government (access required)

Where a consumer brought a challenge against CMS officials in their individual capacities, alleging they violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by authorizing robocalls, his lawsuit was in reality aimed against the federal government, to which sovereign immunity applied. Background ...

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Disengagement, not race, prompted termination (access required)

Where a chief merchandizing officer reacted negatively to criticism and became disengaged following a leadership assessment of Lowe’s senior leaders, Lowe’s prevailed on claims that his termination was based on race discrimination. Background In February 2017, Michael Jones, formerly the ...

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Surrender transactions can’t avoid tax liability (access required)

Where the taxpayers argued that they were not required to report $45.7 million of compensation income, the series of business transactions were devoid of economic substance and were thus insufficient for avoiding tax liability. Moreover, despite the taxpayers’ assertion they ...

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Fire battalion chiefs not entitled to overtime (access required)

Where fire battalion chiefs argued they were covered by a “first responder regulation,” which required they be paid overtime, because their primary duty was management and not front line firefighting, the first responder regulation was inapplicable. A review of their ...

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Citizen’s deportation suit barred by discretionary exception (access required)

There is no jurisdiction over a suit brought by a U.S. citizen who alleges he was improperly removed to El Salvador. In deciding whom to investigate, detain and remove, homeland security officers must make the kinds of classic judgment calls ...

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