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Airport Authority properly using toll revenues (access required)

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority defeated a challenge to its use of toll funds for metro services to Dulles airport. Background Appellants here have raised a variety of constitutional and statutory challenges to Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority’s ability to use ...

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4th Cir.: “Habitual drunkard” interdiction laws upheld (access required)

A district court properly dismissed constitutional challenges to Virginia’s civil interdiction process, which can lead to criminal penalties for possession, consumption, or purchase of alcoholic beverages by individuals subject to a civil interdiction order. Background Virginia regulates the consumption, purchase, ...

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4th Cir.: Student’s attitude outweighed school’s IDEA violation (access required)

High school staff failed to timely respond to parents’ requests for disability testing, but an administrative fact finder reasonably concluded that the student’s poor scholastic record was caused by his frequent absences and disdain for teachers, not the violation. Background ...

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4th Cir.: MS-13 murder and related convictions upheld (access required)

Six defendants tried together were properly convicted of murder and attempted murder offenses related to their gang membership. Their convictions were upheld despite challenges to prosecutorial conduct, jury instructions, evidence admitted at trial, joint trial, access to counsel, warrantless cell ...

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Keeping the faith


For people asking why trust in institutions is at historic lows, modern tech-driven phenomena are easy targets – think Facebook and Twitter, smart-phone addiction, big data and automation. But in a recent memoir, 4th U.S. Circuit Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson ...

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4th Cir.: Employer not liable for supervisor’s crude comments (access required)

A plaintiff claiming that her supervisor defamed her with crude comments at work could not hold their employer vicariously liable for the statements. The comments were outside the scope of employment, and the district court lacked any indication that this ...

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4th Cir.: Judgment debtor didn’t delay payment owed to Medicare (access required)

A plaintiff who was owed a medical-malpractice judgment that would partially be reimbursed to Medicare had standing to sue the judgment debtor for delayed payment. However, the 37 days between the judgment and payment did not constitute “delay.” Background In ...

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4th Cir.: Revocation hearing no vehicle to attack sentence (access required)

Considering revocation of the defendant’s supervised release, the district court correctly determined that it lacked jurisdiction to rule on the defendant’s challenge to the constitutionality of his underlying sentence. And based on the nature of the defendant’s threats to his ...

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Divided 4th Circuit rejects UIM coverage (access required)


A federal appeals decision denying underinsured motorist coverage for a fatal truck accident has generated “alarm and concern” about the interpretation of millions of Virginia auto insurance policies, according to lawyers for the claimants. A divided panel of the 4th ...

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