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Tag Archives: Judge Jackson L. Kiser

Repeated requests for date no basis for hostile environment (access required)

Where a pharmacy employee alleged the CEO repeatedly asked her for a date and discussed his desire to marry and provide for her, her allegations were insufficient to sustain a claim for a hostile work environment. Background Allison Coates began ...

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Defendant with COVID-19 infection denied early release (access required)

A defendant who had a “violent and dangerous past” and has tested positive for COVID-19 did not demonstrate “extraordinary and compelling” circumstances warranting early release given his minor symptoms, the need to protect the public at large and the absence ...

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Breach of contract claim sufficient to resolve issues (access required)

Where a tenant’s breach of contract claim against its landlord for damages stemming from a roof collapse would resolve all issues in dispute, the tenant’s declaratory judgment claim was dismissed as unnecessary. The breach of contract claim survived because an ...

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Excessive force claims against arresting officer filed too late (access required)

Where a man sued an arresting officer for excessive force based on injuries allegedly suffered in July 2015, the suit was dismissed because it was filed beyond the two years applicable to § 1983 claims in Virginia. Background On July ...

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Restaurant owner waited too long before suing county (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged county officials punished him when they granted other businesses an unfair advantage by allowing them to operate without septic systems, because the actions occurred in 2009 at the latest, the suit was filed beyond the tw0-year ...

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