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Restaurant owner waited too long before suing county (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged county officials punished him when they granted other businesses an unfair advantage by allowing them to operate without septic systems, because the actions occurred in 2009 at the latest, the suit was filed beyond the tw0-year ...

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Dealer could not sue manufacturer over worsened product quality (access required)

An authorized dealer of defendants’ products who lost customers after defendants’ changes to the chemical composition of their product resulted in inferior product quality did not have any valid claims against the defendants because the dealer could not demonstrate that ...

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Revocation of limited-duty assignment claims time-barred (access required)

A postal worker could not sue for disability discrimination based on the revocation of the limited-duty assignment following a workplace accident because she failed to meet with an Equal Employment Office counselor within 45 days after receiving notice of the ...

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Employee’s remark shows likely actual notice of spill (access required)

Where the plaintiff and her boyfriend both testified an employee of the defendant stated a spill should have been cleaned up, a reasonable juror could conclude that statement demonstrated the defendant’s actual notice of the spill. Background On or about ...

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Bankrupt was not ‘nominal’ for jurisdiction purposes (access required)

Although an individual defendant filed for bankruptcy protection after allegedly striking the plaintiff with his car and his insurance carrier interpled all relevant proceeds into the state court, he was not a “nominal” party for purposes of diversity jurisdiction and ...

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