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WDVA: Obscene gesture at officer no grounds for stop (access required)

A plaintiff can proceed to trial on his claim under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 that a sheriff’s deputy initiated a traffic stop without probable cause. The deputy’s explanation that the plaintiff made a concerning gesture was not constitutionally sufficient. Background ...

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WDVA: Dog rescuer can proceed on claims for larceny accusations (access required)

A woman charged with theft after she refused to return an emaciated dog to its owner sufficiently stated several constitutional and state tort claims against an animal control officer and his supervisor. Background In December 2017, Plaintiff Christen Waddle encountered ...

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EDVA: Officers face trial over eviction confusion (access required)

After taking a homebuyer’s account of foreclosure purchase at face value, a sheriff and his subordinates may go to trial for events that transpired when they accompanied her to the home to remove the previous owners. Background Plaintiffs James and ...

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Judge won’t shield cops who kicked family out of home (access required)


Law enforcement officers who forced two family members out of their Patrick County home after a foreclosure auction and blocked them from retrieving personal property face a jury trial on conversion and civil rights claims, a Danville federal judge has ...

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Bon Mots: April 2018 Edition (access required)

As seasoned attorneys know, the lofty principles that attract aspiring lawyers can quickly be overshadowed by client emergencies, Sisyphean scheduling conundrums, unreasonable opposing counsel, billing targets, intrafirm politics, and understaffed courts. But from time to time, our esteemed judges take ...

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WDVA: Court fines relentless plaintiff, enjoins further filing (access required)

A plaintiff who persistently overwhelmed the court with meritless filings was sanctioned under Rule 11 and banned from filing in the Western District for two years. The court also ruled that violations could incur further sanctions of $300 each. Background ...

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WDVA: Accepting benefits, successor formed implied contract (access required)

Although written documents were unclear as to whether a therapy service contract transferred to a subsequent facilities operator, the successor’s acceptance of therapy services as if the service contract applied created a contract implied-in-fact, with the same payment terms as ...

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DC lawyer keeps active license while in Virginia prison (access required)

Jail Cell Bars Prison FEA

Inmates file lawsuits all the time, sometimes attacking their convictions, sometimes complaining about prison conditions. Some are pretty good jailhouse lawyers. But a Virginia federal judge expressed surprise this month when he realized that the inmate plaintiff in a civil ...

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