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Tag Archives: Judge James A. Wynn Jr.

Lack of specificity dooms deliberate indifference claim

Where a detainee asserted deliberate indifference claims against prison and medical officials after his small bowel obstruction allegedly caused a permanent injury, but he made only collective allegations against all “Defendants,” without identifying how each individual defendant personally interacted with ...

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Wrongful death suit against housing authority reinstated

Where a daughter of a man who died of carbon monoxide poisoning at his city-owned apartment alleged the city elected to apply its carbon-monoxide detector policy only to privately owned apartments, understaffed its inspectors and personnel, operated a non-uniform repair ...

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Challenge to environmental rule dismissed as unripe

Where multiple environmental organizations challenged a final rule that affected how federal agencies would conduct reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, but each of their categories of alleged damages was unripe, the suit was dismissed. Background A ...

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Trial court must consider spoliation sanctions motion

Where a detainee suing for civil rights violations moved for sanctions after learning that videos of his physical altercation were not preserved, and he timely objected to a magistrate judge’s decision denying his motion, the district court must consider the ...

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