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Prisoner is entitled to video evidence of prison incident (access required)

Where the testimony of an inmate and a prison official differed over what took place after officers ordered inmates to stay in their cubicles, the inmate is entitled to potentially exculpatory video evidence of the incident unless the government establishes ...

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‘Prior publication’ exclusion does not excuse duty to defend (access required)

Where the pleadings in the underlying suit alleged offensive publications were made during the policy period that differed in substance from those published before commencement of coverage, the “prior publication” exclusion did not obviate insurer’s duty to defend. Background In ...

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Aiding and abetting fiduciary breach claims removed to federal court (access required)

State court class actions on behalf of owners of stock in an electric and gas utility, which alleged that the company’s CEO and board members breached their fiduciary duties by agreeing to a merger with an energy-based utility company and ...

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Pre-sentence report error did not require resentencing (access required)

Although defendants are not categorically barred from obtaining resentencing pursuant to Rule 36 over a clerical error, the defendant was not entitled to this relief because the clerical error in his pre-sentence report only affected one of his prior convictions ...

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