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Jury to decide if officer violated rights of 14-year old (access required)

A jury will decide whether a middle school resource officer who tackled a 14-year old during an investigation into the alleged distribution of nude photographs of a fellow student violated the minor’s constitutional rights. Because it was clear that a ...

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No jurisdiction over out-of-state auto parts companies (access required)

Where a woman whose claims against out-of-state automotive components sales and distribution companies included only a “few scattered contacts” with Virginia, there was no demonstration of purposeful activity to establish meaningful contact with the forum state. Therefore, court lacked jurisdiction ...

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Employee failed to prove FMLA covered leave (access required)

Where the record failed to demonstrate that a parent’s leave from work was necessitated by his children’s “serious health condition,” his claims for FMLA discrimination, retaliation and interference failed as a matter of law. Background In this civil case, the ...

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Pharmaceutical company not entitled to bill of particulars (access required)

Where the government’s superseding indictment and additional information sufficiently outlined the basis for the charges against a pharmaceutical company, the company’s motion for a bill of particulars was denied. And, although other government agencies might have conducted investigations of the company, ...

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ATF agent’s testimony did not warrant new trial (access required)

Where a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent’s inadmissible statement during a drug trial had little tendency to mislead the jury, was not unduly prejudicial, was fleeting and isolated to a single occurrence and there was voluminous evidence ...

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