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Reliance on treating physician’s testimony affirmed

The commission was entitled to give greater weight to the treating physician’s opinion and rely on his testimony that physical therapy and massage administered to manage an employee’s pain was reasonable, necessary and causally related to his work injury. Background ...

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CAV: Fire changed marital residence from asset to deficiency

After a divorced couple’s former residence was significantly damaged by fire, the husband was entitled to reimbursements from the wife for his outlays to return to property to saleable condition. The trial court did not err in decreasing the wife’s ...

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Failure to Appear – Motion in Limine – Willfulness – Insufficient Evidence

Cosby v. Commonwealth (VLW No. 017-7-277, 13pp.) (Clements, J.) Record No. 1982-16-2. Appealed from the Circuit County of the City of Richmond. (Rupe, J.) Holding: Where the testimony of a detective that he saw the appellant-defendant in the courthouse about ...

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