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Tag Archives: Judge Joel Hoppe

Town must produce attorney’s report (access required)

Where the Town of Front Royal retained an attorney to conduct an investigation into a town clerk’s discrimination complaints, it must produce communications regarding the investigation, the attorney’s conclusions and her advice about any remedial measures to address the alleged ...

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Privilege waived: Town ordered to produce attorney’s report in harassment investigation (access required)

Attorney report

The Town of Front Royal has been directed by a magistrate judge to disclose its communications with its retained attorney on an investigation into harassment claims made by a former town clerk after the former clerk’s motion to compel was ...

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ALJ erred by relying solely on medical evidence (access required)

Where Social Security regulations provide that an administrative law judge, or ALJ, may not disregard a person’s statements about the intensity, persistence and limiting effects of symptoms solely because they are not substantiated by medical evidence, the ALJ erred by ...

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Libel defendant sanctioned for failing to preserve documents (access required)

Where a defendant sued for making allegedly defamatory statements about the plaintiff — a counter-protestor who posted video of the “Unite the Right” rallies in Charlottesville — failed to preserve potentially relevant documents, the plaintiff was entitled to an adverse ...

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Adverse inference warranted for failure to preserve evidence (access required)

Where a defendant sued for his alleged role in the “Unite the Right” rally failed to preserve a laptop, two cell phones and three social media accounts, an adverse inference instruction at trial was warranted. Background This matter is before ...

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