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Tag Archives: Judge John A. Gibney Jr.

Nursing employee’s ADA claim proceeds (access required)

A nursing employee’s claims that her former employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, by failing to accommodate her disability survived a motion to dismiss filed by the employer. A motion to dismiss by an individual defendant in ...

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Nursing employee’s ADA claim can go forward (access required)

Where a skilled nursing facility employee alleged her medical issues prevented her from pulling, pushing and tugging on patients, but that she could perform the essential functions of wound care coordinator if given reasonable accommodation, her disability discrimination claim survives ...

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Former Richmond teacher alleges race discrimination (access required)

Where a Black teacher alleged a school principal elevated her teaching assistant over her while not interfering in the relationship between other white teachers and their assistants, she plausibly alleged a claim for race discrimination. Background Sherie Ashanti, a Black ...

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Lack of expert testimony dooms mesh implant claims (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged that she suffered injuries from a transvaginal mesh implant, but she had no expert testimony on the applicable safety standard or causation, the manufacturer was granted summary judgment. Background Elnora Henderson alleges that she suffered injuries ...

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Prison officials sued for not stopping guard dog attacks (access required)

Where a detainee alleged that he suffered severe physical and psychological injuries when he was attacked by a guard’s dog, and further alleged that supervisory officials were aware of patrol dog attacks throughout Virginia but did nothing to stop them, ...

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