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Lack of comparators dooms wage discrim claims  (access required)

An attorney in the Office of the Attorney General failed to show she was paid less than similarly situated male attorneys. The two male lawyers she identified had different objectives, tasks, duties, skills, supervisors and experience, and thus they were ...

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Delaying access to EEOC supports retaliation claim (access required)

Where a former Virginia Commonwealth University school of nursing project coordinator alleged that VCU made her choose between pursuing her first EEOC charge and participating in the university’s internal grievance process, her claim of retaliation was supported. Even if she ...

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Denial of specialized training was not adverse action (access required)

Although an employee of the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Branch alleged he was treated differently because of his race, he did not suffer an adverse employment action. Despite the fact that his request for training was denied, he could not ...

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Former county employee’s race bias claims fail (access required)

Where a former county employee alleging he was not reasonably accommodated after hip surgery but that white employees were given light duty accommodations voluntarily dismissed his § 1983 claim and failed to plead facts showing the comparators were similarly situated, ...

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City finance director fired for performance, not bias (access required)

Where the former finance director for the City of Hopewell argued he was terminated because of his race or in retaliation for his EEOC complaints, the record showed his failure to timely complete comprehensive annual financial reports was the true ...

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