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Disloyalty torts against former employee proceed

An insurance broker’s good faith, duty of loyalty, tortious interference and conspiracy claims against a former employee alleged to have diverted several existing and prospective client accounts to competitors have survived dismissal in the Eastern District of Virginia. The employee ...

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Spotsylvania County officers sued for woman’s suicide

Where Spotsylvania County officers allegedly knew a woman posed a known risk of suicide but failed to check her for weapons, and the woman thereafter killed herself with a hidden gun, her estate’s claims for gross negligence and deliberate indifference ...

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Insurance broker claims ex-employee breached duty

Where an insurance broker alleged its former employee diverted business to its competitors and solicited existing clients to move their business to competitors, it plausibly alleged a claim for breach of fiduciary duty. Background In January 2021, USI Insurance Services ...

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Case returns to state court after federal claim dropped

Where an employer removed a case to federal court because the complaint included both federal and state claims, and the employee then amended her complaint to drop her federal claim, the suit was remanded to state court. Regardless of whether ...

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School didn’t discriminate against teacher

Where Richmond Public Schools failed to renew the probationary contract of an elementary school teacher because of her aggressive and argumentative conduct toward her superiors, her coworkers and patrons of the Richmond schools, it prevailed on her race discrimination claim.

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Court tosses employee’s disparate treatment claim

Where a tester/trainer for the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, asserted a claim for Title VII discrimination, but he failed to identify his protected class or any evidence of discriminatory intent, his disparate treatment claim was dismissed. Background ...

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