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No jurisdiction over New Jersey corporation (access required)

Where the New Jersey corporation’s contacts with Virginia were not related to the alleged violations of the Lanham Act and did not constitute a “significant and continuous” business relationship in Virginia, personal jurisdiction was found lacking. Moreover, because the evidentiary ...

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Police didn’t use impermissible ‘two step’ tactic to get confession (access required)

A defendant lost his motion to suppress because the record contained no evidence that law enforcement officers intentionally or deliberately waited to advise him of his rights under Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966) until he admitted to criminal ...

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Employer’s litigation conduct did not waive arbitration (access required)

A national staffing agency that was sued by its recruiters for overtime wages litigated various pretrial motions and engaged in discovery. However, it filed its first motion to compel arbitration shortly after the recruiters filed suit, the parties held discussions at ...

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Easement granted for construction of natural gas pipeline (access required)

Where a company constructing a 600-mile underground natural gas pipeline required an easement over the defendants’ property, and the landowners failed to respond to the complaint for eminent domain, the company was granted the easement and ordered to pay $133.57 ...

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Suit over new car purchase headed to arbitration (access required)

Where a woman agreed to arbitrate her claims against an auto dealership, the dispute was ordered to arbitration despite the agreement’s waiver of punitive damages because the waiver was not against public policy. Although she sought an evidentiary hearing regarding ...

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Rolling paper makers prevail against counterfeiters (access required)

Where cigarette rolling paper manufacturers established the defendants were liable for trademark counterfeiting, trademark infringement, false designation of origin and common law unfair competition, the manufacturers were awarded statutory damages, an injunction and costs. The counterfeiters were also ordered to ...

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