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Multiple surgeries needed after accident involving moving van — $290,000 verdict (access required)

Type of action: Personal injury; auto accident Injuries alleged: Aggravation of lower back injury requiring surgery, right rotator cuff surgery, concussion, labral tear Name of case: Arda Konialian-Beck v. Natan Zewdie Aberu, Yemareshet Mekonnen Kebede, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance ...

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Motion for dual recording of deposition denied (access required)

Defendant’s motion for a protective order, which would allow separate but simultaneous recordings of a deposition, is denied. Only one a-v “Section (d)(1) of Rule 4:7A states, ‘Any deposition may be recorded by audio-visual means without a stenographic record. The ...

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Changes to school’s admissions policy upheld (access required)

Where plaintiffs seek a preliminary injunction to compel the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, or TJ, revert to its former admissions policy, which included standardized testing as part of the admissions process, relief is denied because plaintiffs ...

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Standing issues decided in school admissions case (access required)

Where a group of parents and their minor children, through next friends, sued the Fairfax County School Board and the superintendent concerning their decisions and actions to eliminate a standardized testing requirement as an admissions factor to the Thomas Jefferson ...

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Arborist not liable for injuries caused by tree (access required)

Where a family was injured when a tree fell into their yard from a conservation easement maintained by a homeowners’ association, an arborist the association hired almost a year earlier to inspect and identify potentially harmful trees owed no duty ...

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Noncompete clauses too broad, violate public policy (access required)

Restrictive covenants in defendant doctors’ employment contracts with plaintiff cannot be enforced because they are too broad and violate public policy. Overview Plaintiff Metis Group was under contract with the U.S. Army to provide psychological services. Defendant doctors, Allison and ...

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