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Tag Archives: Judge Joi Jeter-Taylor

Use of force was objectively reasonable

The court grants defendant police officer’s plea in bar, based on qualified immunity, to plaintiff’s excessive force claim because his use of force was objectively reasonable under the circumstances. Background Defendant Stinger, a uniformed Richmond police officer, was on an ...

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Mayoral nominating petition requirements modified

Where plaintiffs claim that the requirements to be placed on the ballot for the 2020 Richmond mayoral election place a “severe” burden on plaintiff candidate’s “voting, associational and expressive rights guaranteed by the First Amendment” in light of restrictions imposed ...

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Reporter covered by qualified privilege; subpoena quashed

A reporter may assert the qualified reporter privilege in response to a subpoena to compel her testimony in this defamation case. Her motion to quash the subpoena is granted. The reporter has obtained confidential and nonconfidential information during her investigation ...

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High court, 4-3, approves ‘rehabilitated’ med-mal juror

The Supreme Court of Virginia, by a 4-3 vote, has deferred to a trial judge who allowed a juror to remain trial-eligible, despite the man’s expressed doubts about the fairness of medical malpractice litigation. The decision leaves in place a ...

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