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Tag Archives: Judge Julius N. Richardson

Section 230 won’t shield data broker from FCRA claims (access required)

Where a website that provides third parties with information about individuals was sued for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, the Communications Decency Act did not immunize it from liability. Two of the counts did not seek to ...

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Lifetime ban on internet, computer use vacated (access required)

Where a man convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography was barred from accessing the internet, that was improper. A complete internet ban is almost always excessive for “non-contact child pornography activity, or similar conduct” where there was no actual ...

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Challenge to agency ratemaking authority dismissed (access required)

Where a Virginia consumer alleged that the Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, was charging individual consumers too much for its electric power, the court lacked jurisdiction to review that claim under the Administrative Procedure Act because ratemaking authority is committed ...

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District court erred in forfeiting over $69,000 (access required)

Where the district court concluded the government established at summary judgment that cash seized from the defendant and his girlfriend was the result of illegal drug trafficking, that was error. The government’s arguments relied upon inadmissible evidence, inappropriate inferences or ...

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