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Tag Archives: Judge K. Mike Fleenor Jr.

Additional evidence unneccessary to extend woman’s protective order

A circuit court has examined the legislative history of Virginia’s protective order statute and concluded that new or additional evidence is not required for an extension. Floyd County Circuit Court Judge K. Mike Fleenor Jr., found that “requiring Petitioner to ...

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Condonation evidence warrants dismissal of divorce complaint

The court grants husband’s motion to dismiss wife’s divorce complaint based on evidence of wife’s condonation and resumption of cohabitation, even though husband cannot “precisely identify and disclose with particularity and detail each and every act of adultery.” Overview “On ...

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No claim against decedent’s prior real estate interest

Where decedent held property with two others as joint tenants with right of survivorship, decedent interest passed by operation of law to the other joint tenants, and the bank holding decedent’s car loan cannot seek to satisfy the loan from ...

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