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Tag Archives: Judge Lawrence R. Leonard

Muslim teacher alleges hostile work environment (access required)

Where a Muslim teacher alleged she was subject to mandatory Christian prayers and other proselytizing, despite requests that such efforts cease; was repeatedly called a “radical Islamic terrorist” and her repeated complaints were ignored, she plausibly alleged a claim for ...

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Store sanctioned for not preserving footage of slip/fall (access required)

Where a Kroger’s security camera recorded portions of a customer’s slip and fall but failed to preserve the footage, multiple sanctions were imposed, including that the store’s summary judgment motion was denied, the jury would be instructed regarding the lost ...

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Attorneys must pay fees incurred for motion to compel (access required)

Where a defendant was forced to file a motion to compel a credit report from a reporting agency after the plaintiff’s attorneys refused to consent to its production, the defendant was entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. Because ...

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Claiming advice of counsel waives privilege (access required)

Where defendants raised advice of counsel as an affirmative defense to a suit alleging they improperly classified their employees, and where they made selective production of documents and produced their attorney for a deposition, they waived attorney-client privilege as to ...

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Eleven-year med-mal saga ends in settlement – $850,000 Settlement (access required)

The malpractice occurred in 2007. Suit was originally filed in 2008. The case went to trial in 2011 and resulted in a defense verdict. The verdict was set aside based on alleged juror misconduct. The case was reset for trial ...

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