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Defamation claim fails as nonactionable, time-barred (access required)

Where a Russian-born British scholar sued media outlets alleging defamatory statements, the statements were made more than one year before her suit was filed so they were time-barred and could not be revived by republication or third parties’ electronic references. ...

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Attorneys’ fees reduced due to unreasonable conduct (access required)

Although a woman who successfully sued a Korean news outlet under the Fair Labor Standards Act was entitled to recover her attorneys’ fees, her lawyer’s unreasonable conduct, including excessive litigation and inadequate record keeping, and overall lack of success resulted ...

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Collateral estoppel applies to dispute over contract formation (access required)

Where all the elements for collateral estoppel were established, the bankruptcy court did not err in finding a contract was formed between the trustee and a defendant. But because the court did not articulate its reasoning on damages, the issue ...

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Plaintiff fails to explain delay in appealing adverse decision (access required)

Even if the 30-day filing time limit imposed by 5 U.S.C. § 7703(b)(2) is a nonjurisdictional claims-processing rule, and not a jurisdictional prescription, and even if nonjurisdictional claims-processing rules permit equitable tolling, the facts alleged were insufficient to meet the ...

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Woman claimed ‘short gut syndrome’ after bowel surgery – Defense verdict (access required)

Plaintiff alleged negligence against a defendant radiologist regarding the interpretation of a CT scan without contrast on May 14, 2017. Specifically, plaintiff alleged that the defendant radiologist was negligent in failing to report findings consistent with a small bowel obstruction ...

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Plaintiff awarded $2.2 million for botched surgery (access required)

Where the doctors did not adequately inform the patient about the specific risks of the surgery or a reasonable alternative, and failed to perform certain pre-surgery procedures and made errors during the surgery, the plaintiff is entitled to recover $2.2 ...

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