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Material misrepresentations must be corrected (access required)

Where the plaintiff suing over a failed joint venture made material misrepresentations in several allegations in their second amended complaint and attached incorrect documents, they were ordered to correct all allegations inconsistent with the factual record. Although the case was ...

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Injunction imposed to preserve assets and evidence (access required)

Where Amazon alleged the defendants perpetuated a widespread scheme of kickbacks and fraudulent transactions that violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and Amazon showed a need to preserve assets and evidence, the defendants were enjoined from disrupting any ...

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Cox can’t avoid $1 billion verdict, but can attempt to reduce award (access required)

In a copyright infringement suit brought by members of the music industry against Cox Communications, the jury’s award of $99,830 for each of the infringing works was supported by the evidence and was not unconstitutional. However, Cox will have an ...

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Company can’t escape FLSA claim using highly-compensated exemption (access required)

A company’s bid to avoid overtime liability by claiming an event sales manager was a highly compensated employee failed because her job functions, which included seeking new customers, responding to questions from operations team and serving as the primary point ...

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Hourly rates and billable hours support $975,000 fee award (access required)

Where a successful plaintiff was awarded $3 million in damages in her Trafficking Victims Protection Act, or TVPA lawsuit, the award of $975,000 in attorneys’ fees was found reasonable based on the rates charged, the hours worked and the sophistication ...

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