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Injunction imposed to preserve assets and evidence (access required)

Where Amazon alleged the defendants perpetuated a widespread scheme of kickbacks and fraudulent transactions that violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and Amazon showed a need to preserve assets and evidence, the defendants were enjoined from disrupting any ...

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Cox can’t avoid $1 billion verdict, but can attempt to reduce award (access required)

In a copyright infringement suit brought by members of the music industry against Cox Communications, the jury’s award of $99,830 for each of the infringing works was supported by the evidence and was not unconstitutional. However, Cox will have an ...

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Company can’t escape FLSA claim using highly-compensated exemption (access required)

A company’s bid to avoid overtime liability by claiming an event sales manager was a highly compensated employee failed because her job functions, which included seeking new customers, responding to questions from operations team and serving as the primary point ...

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Hourly rates and billable hours support $975,000 fee award (access required)

Where a successful plaintiff was awarded $3 million in damages in her Trafficking Victims Protection Act, or TVPA lawsuit, the award of $975,000 in attorneys’ fees was found reasonable based on the rates charged, the hours worked and the sophistication ...

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Reprimand was not ‘materially adverse action’ (access required)

Although an employee argued that Fairfax County’s written reprimand marked him a “wrongdoer” and made him “ineligible for promotion,” there was insufficient evidence that he was ineligible for a promotion or that the reprimand otherwise affected the terms and conditions ...

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