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Reprimand was not ‘materially adverse action’

Although an employee argued that Fairfax County’s written reprimand marked him a “wrongdoer” and made him “ineligible for promotion,” there was insufficient evidence that he was ineligible for a promotion or that the reprimand otherwise affected the terms and conditions ...

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Labor Secretary’s ‘illogical and improbable’ calculations dismissed

Although the defendant never opposed the Secretary of Labor’s motion for default judgment, the district court denied it because the motion rested on “illogical and improbable” damages calculations. Background On March 23, 2018, plaintiff alleged violations of the Fair Labor ...

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Defendants awarded over $250,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs

Although the prevailing defendants were awarded almost all their claimed fees,  reductions were made for excessive hours, improper itemization, clerical tasks or duplicative time entries. Background On Jan. 17, 2019, the court determined that defendants are entitled to attorneys’ fees ...

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Termination based on lack of productivity, not complaints

Where a school human resources official was terminated, for a history of non-responsiveness and unproductiveness, the school board prevailed in proving her termination was not in retaliation for her complaints. Background Ms. Gooding-Williams raised three claims against FCSB. In Count ...

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Trademark infringer enjoined from using IPAD and IPOD

After the court found RXD Media infringed on Apple’s trademarks, Apple provided evidence of actual consumer confusion. Because Apple will suffer irreparable injury without an injunction, RXD has been enjoined from using the IPAD and IPOD marks on its products. ...

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