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Agency not required to release hunting documents proactively (access required)

Animal rights groups were not entitled to an injunction compelling the Fish and Wildlife Service to release proactively documents related to trophy imports of African elephants and lions under the Freedom of Information Act because the act only applies to ...

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Drug conspiracy conviction survives post-trial motion (access required)

An individual’s post-trial attack on his conviction for conspiring to distribute cocaine failed when the court held the government satisfied its discovery obligations. Background In October 2015, Arnulfo Fagot-Maximo and five co-conspirators were charged in a single count indictment with ...

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Fine assessed for failure to comply with court order (access required)

Because of their failure to respond to post-judgment discovery and an order requiring them to respond to the post-judgment discovery, two defendants must pay a daily fine to the court until they provide adequate discovery responses. Background After default judgment ...

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E-cigarette maker beats counterfeiters (access required)

A leading electronic cigarette manufacturer’s battle against counterfeiters has resulted in a default judgment awarding the manufacturer statutory damages and injunctive relief against the overseas counterfeiters. Background Plaintiff filed its complaint on Aug. 24, 2018, against unincorporated associations that are ...

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Website’s use of ‘IPAD’ infringe on Apple trademark (access required)

Even though a company launched the website ipad.mobi before Apple and its affiliate applied to trademark “IPAD,” the company did not have priority to the mark because it had not developed a secondary meaning, and the company’s continued use of ...

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Email service in infringement case was proper (access required)

Where plaintiffs’ complaint alleged that defendants used their trademarks without authorization to sell counterfeit versions of their products and plaintiffs properly served defendants by email pursuant to a court order, plaintiffs were entitled to default judgment on their claims that ...

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