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Email service in infringement case was proper (access required)

Where plaintiffs’ complaint alleged that defendants used their trademarks without authorization to sell counterfeit versions of their products and plaintiffs properly served defendants by email pursuant to a court order, plaintiffs were entitled to default judgment on their claims that ...

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Domestic relations lawyers sued for wiretapping (access required)

A man claimed members of his former wife’s family recorded conversations between him and his purported romantic partner, and that his wife’s attorneys used the contents of those recordings in his underlying divorce proceedings. Virginia wiretapping statutes precludes attorneys from ...

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Lawsuit claims law firm used information from illegal spying (access required)

Divorce lawyers accused of using dirt uncovered by illegal recordings and computer snooping have no blanket protection against a lawsuit based on state and federal wiretap laws, a federal judge has ruled. Allegations in the case mirror recent warnings that ...

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Private duty nurse recovers unpaid wages plus fees (access required)

A private duty nurse who sued her employer for violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act was awarded $20,910.75 for unpaid wages, an equal amount for liquidated damages plus attorney’s fees and costs. Background Only Choice employed therapists, medical social ...

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Removal from government contract was not religious discrimination (access required)

The court granted defendant’s motion for summary judgment on the plaintiff’s religious discrimination claims because there was no evidence the defendant’s conduct was because of the plaintiff’s religion. Background Ann Bender was an employee of a private corporation (SAVA), working ...

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Change of venue for copyright suit against ISPs denied (access required)

In weighing the factors supporting transfer of venue to the Northern District of Georgia, the court denied a request by internet service providers finding copyright infringement occurred in the Eastern District of Virginia, the ISPs had not demonstrated how witnesses ...

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