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Volvo granted injunctive relief in trademark action (access required)

As Volvo was likely to succeed on its claims that unknown defendants were knowingly marketing and selling counterfeit goods, the court ordered defendants’ assets frozen. Background Plaintiffs allege that defendants “are knowingly and intentionally promoting, advertising, marketing, retailing, offering for ...

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Ex parte TRO granted in trademark suit (access required)

Juul Labs convinced the court it was likely to prevail on trademark claims against unknown defendants selling allegedly counterfeit products on eBay, and that defendants’ Pay Pal accounts should be frozen. Background Plaintiff alleges that Defendants “are knowingly and intentionally ...

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Judge blasts patent lawyer, orders $1M payment (access required)


An Alexandria federal judge pointedly condemned the “dishonesty” of a patent lawyer who profited from licensing a company’s patent portfolio while keeping the company in the dark about his activities. U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady said Erik Cherdak’s “character for ...

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EDVA: Texas company’s purchase orders established “minimum contacts” (access required)

A out-of-state defendant is subject to the court’s jurisdiction, based on the numerous purchase orders (of large dollar value) that it placed with a Virginia health-care-products company. Background Plaintiff Belmora, a Virginia pharmaceutical company, is suing Defendant Midway Importing Inc. ...

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EDVA: Voter intimidation, defamation claims survive dismissal (access required)

Two publications purporting to reveal widespread voter fraud have given rise to a viable lawsuit. The published materials (called Alien Invasion I and II) allegedly reported falsely that specific individuals, identified by name and other personal information, had registered and/or voted illegally in ...

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