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Tag Archives: Judge M. Hannah Lauck

Circuit court judge didn’t discriminate against plaintiff

Where a plaintiff alleged that a circuit court judge allegedly called him “arrogant” that he “would not negotiate with the city” and that he had “gotten all the [d]ue process [he] would receive from” the court, these allegations did not ...

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Claims vs. equine antibiotic manufacturer survive

Where a horse owner pleaded facts plausibly suggesting an equine antibiotic was defectively designed and manufactured, and that the manufacturer had notice of the defects but failed to warn customers, her claims may proceed to ­discovery. Background This four-count products ...

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Federal patent law preempts unjust enrichment claim

Where patent holder Columbia University in New York claimed the defendant was unjustly enriched when it allegedly used confidential information in proposals, but Columbia failed to show a confidential relationship existed as it pertained to the proposals, federal patent law ...

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Ex-officers cannot claim privilege for documents

Former corporate officers sued over an allegedly unlawful online lending scheme could not claim the protection of attorney-client privilege over documents between the company and its counsel, as the privilege was lost when the company changed management. U.S. District Judge ...

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