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EDVA: No (further) fees awarded in bitter patent fight (access required)

Following contentious patent litigation, the court declined to award attorneys’ fees requested on grounds that the patent owner’s claims and litigation conduct were exceptionally unreasonable. Background Plaintiff CertusView Technologies LLC holds five related patents related to its “e-Sketch” technology, which ...

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Even without animus requirement, FHA claim fails (access required)

The court held that a nonprofit group providing housing assistance did not fail to make reasonable accommodations and/or housing modifications at the request of a client who requested wheelchair-accessibility construction. Plaintiff Veda Evans is a disabled mother of three young ...

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Attorney’s Fees Trimmed After Rule 68 Offer (access required)

A plaintiff who initially demanded over $100,000 from a mortgage servicer that allegedly violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by failing to investigate plaintiff’s alleged delinquency, but who then accepted defendant’s Rule 68 Offer of Judgment for $5,000, is awarded ...

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