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Tag Archives: Judge Mark S. Davis

Parties dispute if ‘cure period’ was satisfied (access required)

Where there were disputed issues of fact over whether a subcontractor hired to perform renovation work at Arlington National Cemetery was provided with a legitimate chance to remedy deficiencies during a three-day “cure period” required by the subcontract, summary judgment ...

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Court lacks authority to modify mandatory sentences (access required)

Where a prisoner sought a reduction of his drug-related sentence under the First Step Act, because neither general sentencing law nor recent Fourth Circuit precedent authorized the reduction of his statutory mandatory minimum terms on three § 924(c)(1)(C) counts, the ...

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Intervenor establishes ownership of domain name (access required)

Where a plaintiff named “Huang Zhiyang” alleged he was the owner of domain name, but an intervenor named “Huang Zhiyang” provided evidence that he was the rightful owner, the court found that the intervenor was the real “Huang Zhiyang” ...

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Poor attendance was cause for termination (access required)

Where a former state government employee alleged she was terminated because of her race or religion, but there was a documented history of attendance and timeliness issues across multiple years and multiple supervisors, the employer prevailed on the discrimination claims. ...

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