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Tag Archives: Judge Mark S. Davis

Hostile work environment claim survives motion to dismiss

Where a woman at a logistics company alleged that her supervisor and other employees made derogatory comments “that Chinese people, like [plaintiff], would ‘eat rats, cats, and dogs’” or a question about “why Chinese people are so tiny,” she plausibly ...

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Court conditionally certifies meal break class

Where employees showed that the defendants’ conduct may have violated the meal break rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, a conditional class was certified. Because the evidence was insufficient to justify conditional certification of a nationwide collective, ...

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Parties dispute if ‘cure period’ was satisfied

Where there were disputed issues of fact over whether a subcontractor hired to perform renovation work at Arlington National Cemetery was provided with a legitimate chance to remedy deficiencies during a three-day “cure period” required by the subcontract, summary judgment ...

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Court lacks authority to modify mandatory sentences

Where a prisoner sought a reduction of his drug-related sentence under the First Step Act, because neither general sentencing law nor recent Fourth Circuit precedent authorized the reduction of his statutory mandatory minimum terms on three § 924(c)(1)(C) counts, the ...

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