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Insufficient evidence appeal procedurally defaulted (access required)

Appellant’s appeal cannot be considered because he did not timely file transcripts. Although the trial court heard and denied a post-trial motion to reconsider the guilty verdict after sentencing appellant, this did not extend the deadline for filing the transcripts. ...

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Husband remains liable for marital debt despite refinancing (access required)

Where the parties’ property settlement made husband liable for all marital debts, his subsequent loan default and post-marriage refinancing by both husband and wife did not make wife responsible for half of the new loan. Overview During the parties’ marriage, ...

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Subsequent injuries were compensable consequences (access required)

There was credible evidence to support the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s determination that plaintiff’s back and neck injuries were compensable consequences of her initial shoulder, arm and wrist injuries arising from being hit in the ankle by equipment at work. ...

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No authority to reduce surgical billing charges (access required)

Where the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission reduced some surgical bills a medical care provider submitted to the claimant’s employer and its workers’ compensation carrier, the decision is reversed. Code § 65.2-605 does not provide for an automatic 50 percent reduction ...

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Portions of custody agreement vacated (access required)

Although the circuit court incorrectly vacated some portions of the parties’ custody settlement agreement, it had the authority to vacate provisions regarding parenting decisions and to “give mother decision-making authority over most issues.” Background The parties, who had two children, ...

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