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Insufficient evidence for constructive ammo possession (access required)

Where the commonwealth presented evidence that appellant’s prescription medication, his valid debit card and his expired school identification card were found the same bedroom with handgun and rifle ammunition but never established that he was present when the bullets were ...

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Court properly determined retroactive support awards (access required)

The trial court properly granted retroactive child support in this divorce matter. Code § 20-108.1(B) provides that support “shall be determined retroactively,” and, contrary to husband’s assertion,  the statute “contains no requirement of a pendente lite order or hearing to ...

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Father correctly awarded primary physical custody (access required)

Appellee father was correctly awarded primary physical custody of the parties’ child based on, among other things, his ability to provide the child with a “stable living situation.” Further, the parties’ premarital agreement precludes an attorney’s fee award to appellant ...

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