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Court rejects offer to buy structured settlement payments

Structured settlement payments

A Virginia circuit court has denied a petition filed by a factoring company seeking to purchase structured settlement payments from a woman with neurocognitive impairments. The present value of the payments is $140, 738. The proposed purchase price? A mere ...

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Attorneys’ fees ordered as discovery sanction

Where plaintiff did not disclose, in response to defendant’s discovery request, a medical care provider he consulted for a second opinion in this medical malpractice case, plaintiff must pay defendant’s attorneys’ fees relating to the discovery violation. Background Plaintiff sued ...

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Discovery misstep nets $21K in sanctions

Despite a “suspicious” omission of unfavorable medical information, a Norfolk judge refused to hobble a medical malpractice case because the plaintiff and his lawyer dragged their feet in supplementing discovery responses. The defendant hospital claimed there was a “blatant abuse ...

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Severance damages opinions excluded in easement case

Where a shipyard claims a natural gas company’s pipeline, constructed on an easement over the shipyard’s property, entitles it to severance damages, the court grants the gas company’s motion to exclude expert opinions on the amount of severance damages. Overview ...

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Woman sued over issues with breast reconstruction – Defense Verdict

Plaintiff underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. She then underwent a two-stage breast reconstruction surgery using tissue expanders by the defendant plastic surgeon. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant failed to provide alternative surgical options, such as autologous-tissue reconstruction, and failed to ...

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