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Jury to decide if doctor was terminated due to patient safety complaints (access required)

A jury will decide if the doctor’s employment agreement was legitimately terminated because of his alleged violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA, or if his termination was because of his complaints about patient safety, which ...

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Unwanted contact, comments back hostile environment claim (access required)

Where the plaintiff, who had only recently turned 18, alleged she was subjected to a co-worker’s unwelcome physical contact and comments sexualizing her gender and referencing her physical appearance, she has stated a claim of a hostile work environment. Background ...

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Immigration bond obligor prevails in dispute with bond issuer (access required)

An insurance company that issued thousands of immigration bonds at the request of Nexus Services  prevailed in a dispute over the parties’ indemnity agreement. Nexus was ordered to provide access to its books and records, deposit a reasonable amount as ...

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Conductor’s accident occurred while railcar was ‘in use’ (access required)

Although a railcar was not being operated at the time a Norfolk Southern Railroad Company conductor fell off a culvert, the train was “in use” because it was on the mainline, the conductor was performing final tasks before the train’s ...

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‘Deceptive’ email supports Fair Debt claim (access required)

Where a debt collector promised to file a notice of satisfaction “upon receipt” of payment, and then garnished the plaintiff’s wages after receiving that payment, the deceptive email gave rise to a claim under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act. ...

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Attorneys’ fees reduced for travel time and lack of success (access required)

Although the civil rights litigation helped set guiding precedent at the intersection of two constitutional rights, the attorney’s hourly rate was reduced to align with those in the district, travel time was compensated at 50% of the usual rate and ...

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