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Tag Archives: Judge Norman K. Moon

Research assistant’s retaliation claims dismissed (access required)

Where a graduate research assistant alleged that the University of Virginia retaliated against him after he complained about his advisor’s conduct, but there was almost one year between his complaint and the next alleged adverse action, and it was nearly ...

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University not entitled to ministerial exception (access required)

Where a Liberty University art professor alleged her contract was not renewed because of her age, the university is not protected by the ministerial exception. The professor’s title, functions and how she held herself out all supported a conclusion that ...

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Employee fails to show alleged retaliation related to activity (access required)

Where an employee alleged that after she complained about her pay, certain job responsibilities were taken away, her supervisor became “cold” and unfriendly and she did not receive a reference at separation, her retaliation claim failed because she did not ...

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Civil engineering firm responsible for $2 million bridge repair bill (access required)

Where a civil engineering company challenged a jury verdict holding it liable for the costs incurred in tearing down and rebuilding an improperly constructed bridge, the company failed to show the verdict was against the weight of the evidence, the ...

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No statutory damages in ice cream photograph suit (access required)

Where rival ice cream truck owners dispute the right to use a banana split photograph, but the plaintiff didn’t register the photo until after the alleged infringement, it may not recover statutory damages or attorneys’ fees. However, because it did ...

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