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Definiteness of patent delayed until claim construction (access required)

Where a patent for an accumulation table that conveys products from one production machine to another included functional language describing how the accumulation table was to be used, it would be premature to determine whether the functional language rendered the ...

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Employee fired for dishonesty did not have discrimination claim (access required)

Where a lesbian employee was fired by the same person who had hired her approximately eight months earlier, and the person who fired her had ample reason to believe that she had been dishonest in the course of her employment, ...

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White supremacists fail to upset Charl0ttesville-related indictment (access required)

The defendants, who are associated with the white-supremacist Rise Above Movement, were indicted for knowingly traveling in interstate commerce to incite a riot; promoting and carrying on a riot; and committing acts of violence and encouraging others to do the ...

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Illegal reentry charge dismissed due to invalid underlying removal order (access required)

Where a defendant had signed a stipulation of removal waiving his rights to a hearing, attorney and appeal that was ambiguous as to whether the waiver was voluntary, knowing and intelligent, and the immigration judge failed to make an explicit ...

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Counsel’s inadequacy leads to denial of class certification (access required)

Attorneys who failed to demonstrate their experience in similar class actions, violated federal and local rules and were deficient in their performance in other cases lack the experience, diligence and discipline necessary to competently represent the proposed class. Background This ...

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Court further reduces plaintiff’s attorneys’ fee award (access required)

After the magistrate judge recommended reducing the plaintiff’s attorney fee award by almost 40% because of excessive billing, vague time entries, block billing and the plaintiff’s overall lack of success on his claims, the district court further reduced the fee ...

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