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Judge Onzlee Ware

Aug 4, 2021

Demurrer and plea in bar to civil conspiracy claim overruled

The court rejects defendants’ argument that Count III of plaintiff’s complaint, which alleges a civil conspiracy among the defendants, must be struck under the intracorporate immunity doctrine. Defendants’ demurrer and plea in bar are overruled. Parties’ arguments At a hearing before this court, “Defendants argued that Count III of the Complaint, alleging a conspiracy between […]

Jan 29, 2021

Indictment for removing Lee statue upheld

Where defendant was indicted for taking down the Robert E. Lee statue located in Lee Park in the city of Roanoke using his truck and chains, and damaging the statue in the process, his motion to dismiss the indictment is denied. The indictment gives defendant reasonable notice of the charge against him, and there is […]

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