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Tag Archives: Judge Pamela A. Harris

Challenge to election system mooted by change in law (access required)

Where two Virginia Beach residents challenged the system used to elect members of the City Council, but the General Assembly changed the system before the trial court issued its decision, that mooted the suit. Background Two Virginia Beach residents sued, ...

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Simultaneous concurrent sentences remain distinct (access required)

Where the defendant was sentenced to 26 months’ imprisonment for a drug conviction, which he served while also serving five other concurrent sentences, the concurrent sentences remain separate and distinct terms of imprisonment even though they are served simultaneously. Background ...

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Delaying detainee’s medication isn’t deliberate indifference (access required)

Where a detainee alleged that prison officials acted with deliberate indifference by delaying his receipt of medications, but none of his communications suggested that urgent intervention was required to avoid a risk of harm and there was no evidence officials ...

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ERISA doesn’t bar garnishment of 401(k) to satisfy restitution order (access required)

The court joined two other circuits in holding that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA, doesn’t prevent the government from garnishing the retirement assets of a defendant in order to satisfy a criminal restitution order under ...

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