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Tag Archives: Judge Pamela A. Harris

Detainee gets second chance at compassionate release

Where it was not clear that the district court considered a detainee’s particular vulnerability to COVID-19 in denying his motion for compassionate release, its judgment was vacated and the matter was remanded for resentencing. Background In 2008, a jury convicted ...

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Delay dooms mom’s bid for attorneys’ fees in IDEA case

In an issue of first impression, the court held that a claim for attorney’s fees by parents who prevail in state administrative proceedings under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, is more “analogous” to an IDEA merits review ...

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Simultaneous concurrent sentences remain distinct

Where the defendant was sentenced to 26 months’ imprisonment for a drug conviction, which he served while also serving five other concurrent sentences, the concurrent sentences remain separate and distinct terms of imprisonment even though they are served simultaneously. Background ...

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