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Illegal trespass argument fails, suppression of evidence denied (access required)

Although the defendant argued that officers engaged in an illegal trespass by intruding the curtilage of his home, it was not “clear and obvious” that the officers exceeded the scope of their implicit license to enter his driveway. Because the ...

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Defendant fails to win suppression of evidence, sentence review (access required)

Where the search of the defendant’s home, vehicles and storage unit was supported by warrants based on probable cause, there was no Fourth Amendment violation. As such, a separate search four months later was not tainted fruit of a poisonous ...

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Defendant fails to upset sentence for firearm possession (access required)

The defendant’s argument that one use of a firearm in the simultaneous commission of two predicate drug-trafficking offenses will not support separate § 924(c) convictions and sentences is foreclosed by Fourth Circuit precedent. And he was not entitled to relief ...

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Noncitizens facing removal are entitled to bond hearing (access required)

Where noncitizens are awaiting the outcome of proceedings on their petitions to withhold removal based on a fear of persecution or torture in other countries, they are entitled to bond hearings that could lead to their release during those proceedings. ...

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