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Pipeline construction can begin before compensation paid (access required)

Where a plaintiff was entitled to use eminent domain to obtain rights-of-way to portions of private property, that plaintiff was likewise entitled to begin construction on those properties before the value of just compensation had been determined and paid. Background ...

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4th Cir.: Free expression not chilled by school’s initial inquiry (access required)

A university did not restrict or chill students’ speech by seeking their response to complaints that they had harassed others. The students, who’d sought and obtained university approval for a campus “Free Speech Event,” met with an official to discuss ...

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4th Cir.: Slurs read aloud didn’t create hostile environment (access required)

A prosecutor who read racial slurs aloud from potential evidence, which he was evaluating at a pre-trial meeting, did not create a hostile work environment for the black police officers in the room. Even if such conduct could give rise ...

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4th Cir.: To trigger Simmons, state argument must look forward (access required)

A serial killer, sentenced to death under North Carolina law, did not have a constitutional right to inform his sentencing jury that he was ineligible for parole. This right, which accrues when the prosecutor points to the defendant’s future danger ...

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4th Cir.: Court didn’t explain rejection of mental health mitigation (access required)

When asked to impose a shorter sentence based on the defendant’s well-documented history of mental illness, the sentencing court was required to explain why it rejected such mitigation. Defense counsel had argued that the defendant’s multiple death threats sent to ...

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