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Tag Archives: Judge Pamela Meade Sargent

Inmates’ joint suit over stimulus checks is severed

Where four detainees jointly filed a single lawsuit alleging they didn’t receive stimulus checks, the suit will be severed into four separate civil actions to avoid disagreements among the detainees, avoid coercion, and satisfy the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act, which ...

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Jury will decide if employee agreed to arbitration

An employer said an employee agreed to arbitrate employment-related claims against the company, but the employee denied signing any such agreement. Now, a jury must decide if an agreement to arbitrate was reached. U.S. Magistrate Judge Pamela Meade Sargent of ...

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Ex-college professor firing is upheld

Where the record showed the former Emory & Henry College communications professor was terminated because she had become disruptive, the college prevailed on the gender discrimination and retaliation claims. Background Anne Meredith Sugar was hired by Emory & Henry College ...

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Man injured in air shaft collapse — $5 million verdict

Plaintiff was severely injured when a grate covering an air shaft collapsed and he fell approximately 25 feet onto a concrete floor. He suffered many injuries, including a fractured wrist, a fractured pelvis, fractured vertebrae, nerve and blood vessel damage ...

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Documents not covered by psychotherapist privilege

Where a subset of medical records were not covered by the psychotherapist-patient privilege, the government may review those records as part of a criminal investigation into whether the psychiatrist prescribed medication for legitimate medical purposes and within the scope of ...

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