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Attorneys’ fees paid by party with duty to enforce unconstitutional law (access required)

A county board of elections that was tasked with enforcing a law enacted by the state was required to pay the attorneys’ fees of the plaintiffs who prevailed in an action to enjoin the enforcement of the law on the ...

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Flagrant discovery violations support dismissal sanction (access required)

The failure of a nurse practitioner to produce thousands of email messages in her suits against a hospital, and her submission, after a day-long deposition, of a 54-page declaration that rendered her deposition useless, supported the district court’s decision to ...

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Sex-based stereotype rumors backs Title VII claim (access required)

A woman who alleged male employees circulated a rumor that she had a sexual relationship with a higher-ranking manager in order to obtain her position adequately stated a claim for discrimination and a hostile work environment, given the historical stereotypes ...

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Body cam footage supports denial of motion to suppress (access required)

Body camera footage showed officers had consent to enter the man’s residence and he was not in custody when questioned; therefore, the dismissal of a motion to suppress is upheld. Background After Ismael Azua-Rinconada was indicted for illegally entering the ...

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