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Tax franchisor’s former in-house counsel can represent plaintiffs (access required)

Where Liberty Tax, the tax preparation franchisor, failed to show that the confidential information its former in-house counsel obtained during his six-year tenure was substantially related to the issues in the case, its motion to disqualify him was denied. Background ...

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Attempt to manufacture diversity rejected (access required)

Where the plaintiff took multiple steps to manufacture diversity jurisdiction, including forming a new LLC that merged with the prior, nondiverse LLC right before filing its complaint, there was no federal jurisdiction. Because the court found the plaintiff’s efforts collusive ...

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Declaratory judgment dismissed where breach already occurred (access required)

Where parties sought a declaratory judgment that factoring company was not entitled to payment because of an alleged breach, but the breach has already occurred and any damages were already suffered, the declaratory judgment counts were dismissed with prejudice. Background ...

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Peanut firms to pay $57M to settle price fixing case (access required)

Two peanut processors sued for depressing the price for runner peanuts will pay over $57.75 million to resolve claims brought by a class of peanut farmers after the court found the class-action settlement was adequate, conducted at arms-length and equitable. ...

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Virginia Beach ‘at large’ elections discriminatory (access required)

Where a coalition of Black, Latino and Asian American plaintiffs established that  the minority community has less opportunity than other members of the electorate to participate in the political process and elect their preferred candidates under Virginia Beach’s at large ...

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Disparities prompt massive reduction of sentence (access required)

Where there was a disparity of over 200 months between the defendant’s 384-month sentence for conduct associated with armed robberies and a similarly situated inmate whose sentences were not stacked, and the defendant has taken several rehabilitative steps since incarceration, ...

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