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Tag Archives: Judge Raymond A. Jackson

Norfolk fire chief sued for race discrimination (access required)

Although a Norfolk fire captain previously, but unsuccessfully, sued the City of Norfolk for impeding his ability to apply for a battalion chief position, because that prior suit did not name the fire chief in his individual capacity, and because ...

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Class certified in COVID-19 ‘all risk’ coverage dispute (access required)

Where a class of Virginia policyholders who were denied coverage for losses from businesses closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic had common and typical issues, were sufficiently numerous, and there was no conflict with the named plaintiff, a class was ...

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Difference of opinion no basis for vacating award (access required)

Where the court might have ruled differently on the parties’ dispute, the arbitrator acknowledged the applicable legal principles and applied at least some of the facts to those principles, therefore the manifest injustice standard was satisfied and the award was ...

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$45M settlement in alleged price fixing suit approved (access required)

Where a $45 million settlement between runner peanut farmers and one sheller satisfied the requirements of Rule 23, it was approved. Background Plaintiffs are a group of peanut farmers who sell raw, harvested runner peanuts to the defendants (also known ...

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Search supported by reasonable suspicion (access required)

Where a trooper’s search of a rental car was supported by individualized reasonable articulable suspicion, including the vehicle’s quick in-and-out of Arizona based on the license plate reader system and the co-defendant’s responses to questions, the defendant’s motion to suppress ...

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