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EDVA: Inevitable discovery applied to gun, but not statements (access required)

Officers’ search of a defendant’s bag while he was speaking with officers in another room was not incident to lawful arrest, as there was little chance he could reach the bag or control its contents at the time. The firearm ...

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NASA contractor’s trade-secrets suit proceeds (access required)

The court denied Defendant Orbital ATK Inc.’s motion to dismiss several claims related to trade secrets and computer crimes, arising from its employee accessing Plaintiff Space Systems/Loral LLC’s proprietary information on a NASA server used by both companies. Space Systems ...

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“Hate group” designation not commercial speech (access required)

A philanthropy guide’s publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate group” designation for Plaintiff Liberty Counsel is not grounds for liability under the Lanham Act, the court held. Liberty Counsel is a nonprofit education, advocacy, and legal defense organization ...

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Fourth Amendment – Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure – Military Rule of Evidence 315(d) – Probable Cause – Exclusion – Good Faith Exception (access required)

U.S. v. Gregory Kyle Seerden (VLW 017-3-446,18pp.) (Raymond A. Jackson, J.) 2:17cv67; E.D. Va. Motion to suppress evidence obtained through search of cellular telephone following indictment on four counts related to child pornography. Holding: Where a first warrant for a ...

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Fair Debt Claim Survives for ‘Validation Notice’ (access required)

A consumer debtor suing defendant debt collector has stated a claim under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act with allegations that defendant’s initial collection letter failed to comply with statutory requirements for a proper debt “validation notice” informing plaintiff of ...

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Fired employee could sue for blood safety claim (access required)


An American Red Cross employee can  sue  for  retaliatory termination after she reported a supervisor’s alleged contamination of personnel and blood products while drawing blood from two donors, a Norfolk federal court has ruled. When the employee was fired several ...

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