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COVID-related spa closure could trigger ‘all risk’ coverage (access required)

Where an “all risk” policy included accidental or fortuitous “direct physical loss[es],” and it is plausible that a fortuitous “direct physical loss” could mean the property is uninhabitable, inaccessible or dangerous because of intangible or nonstructural sources, a spa that ...

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Class certified in peanut industry antitrust case (access required)

Where emails, conversations and deposition testimony, as well as the plaintiffs’ expert, suggested collusion among the defendants in the peanut selling industry resulted in approximately 12,000 farmers being underpaid, a class was certified. Background Plaintiffs are a group of peanut ...

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No sentence modification despite error in confirming status (access required)

Although it was error to accept the defendant’s guilty plea to being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition without first establishing he knew of his prohibited status, the error was harmless because there was overwhelming evidence that ...

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Virus challenges lead to severance of multi-defendant trial (access required)

Where two cases involving a total of eight defendants had been joined because of similarities in the indictments, the interrelationships of the defendants and duplication of various allegations, the challenges of social distancing and limited staff due to COVID-19 prompted ...

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Lawyers disqualified over conflict with potential co-conspirator (access required)

Two defense attorneys for a man charged in a multi-count drug, money laundering and racketeering conspiracy were disqualified because they were being paid, in part, by a potential co-conspirator, giving rise to “an actual serious conflict” that could not be ...

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