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Malicious prosecution claim goes forward (access required)

Where the plaintiff alleged a Portsmouth police officer made false statements to the magistrate and the assistant commonwealth’s attorney in support of assault and battery charges, those charges terminated in the plaintiff’s favor and no reasonable police officer would believe ...

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NY law firm’s judgment against client enforced by EDVA (access required)

Where a New York law firm obtained a $423,343.61 judgment in New York state court against a former client for unpaid legal fees, the judgment was enforceable in Newport News, where the defendant is “at home.” Background Ellenoff Grossman & ...

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Expert lacked basis to opine on lost future sales (access required)

A physicist with experience relating to radiation protection products could not testify about lost future sales resulting from the defendants’ alleged patent infringement because his opinion was not based on specialized methodology, facts or data gathered from the relevant market. ...

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Shipper liable for over $1.3M related to customs hold (access required)

Where containers shipped by the defendant were subjected to a lengthy customs hold, the shipper was liable for over $1.3 million in demurrage, detention and related charges under the parties’ contract. Frustration of purpose, impossibility and force majeure were insufficient ...

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Ex-CEO wins compassionate release due to COVID-19 (access required)

Although the Bureau of Prisons argued a former bank CEO with serious medical issues should not be granted compassionate release, similarly-situated “high-profile” defendants have been released in similar circumstances. The court granted the motion here, explaining it would not “rubber ...

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Resolving duty to indemnify claim would interfere with underlying suit (access required)

Where liability has not yet been determined in the underlying wrongful death suit stemming from a fatal car accident, an insurer’s declaratory judgment action seeking a determination on the duty to indemnify was dismissed because of Article III concerns. However, ...

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