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Judge backs doctor in bid to keep mental records private (access required)


A Fairfax County judge has sided with a clinical psychologist who declined to turn over a teen’s mental health records in response to a subpoena in the parents’ divorce case. The psychologist said disclosure before a custody hearing could cause ...

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Defendant did not transact business in Virginia (access required)

The court grants a business defendant’s motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction; long-arm jurisdiction is unavailable because the cause of action did not arise from this defendant transacting business in Virginia. Overview A daycare business, My Little Magic ...

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More findings needed in unemployment benefits case (access required)

Where the Virginia Employment Commission denied plaintiff unemployment benefits because her employer discharged her for doing inaccurate work, the case is remanded for further proceedings. It cannot be determined from the record whether plaintiff’s acts or omissions were a willful ...

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Cancelled LLC proper party for contract claim (access required)

The court will not reconsider its previous ruling to dismiss plaintiff’s claim for breach of contract because the proper party to the suit is plaintiff’s cancelled limited liability company, not plaintiff individually. Overview Defendant moved to strike the evidence and ...

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Fees awarded after second divorce action nonsuited (access required)

Where plaintiff wife nonsuited her 2003 divorce action, her nonsuit of a 2018 divorce complaint against the same defendant husband will be treated as a second nonsuit, entitling defendant to costs and attorney fees under Code § 8.01-380(B). Facts Plaintiff ...

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Nonsolicitation, nondisclosure agreements enforceable in part (access required)

Nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements defendant signed after plaintiff hired her are enforceable because they are narrowly drawn to protect plaintiff’s legitimate business interests. However, the noncompete provision in the nondisclosure agreement is not enforceable because it is not narrowly drawn ...

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Mechanic’s lien inferior to trustees’ and lender’s interests (access required)

Where a plumbing company sued to enforce a mechanic’s lien against defendant’s property for unpaid work, the lender and the deed trustees are not necessary parties to the case because, by statute, the lien is inferior to the trustees and ...

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Annual insanity review statute constitutional (access required)

The statute providing for annual review of a defendant’s involuntary confinement after being found not guilty by reason of insanity satisfies due process under Foucha v. Louisiana, 504 U.S. 71 (1992). The statute requires both a showing of mental illness ...

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