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Lawyer fees cut in bias case against LeClairRyan (access required)

A modest recovery in a wide-ranging gender discrimination suit against the Richmond-based law firm of LeClairRyan became even more modest last month when a federal judge nixed a $135,630.30 fee enhancement for the plaintiff’s lawyers. U.S. District Judge Robert E. ...

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Attorneys’ fees award vacated over improper enhancement (access required)

An arbitration panel’s enhancement of an attorneys’ fees award above the amount calculated by multiplying the reasonable number of hours expended on the case by a reasonably hourly rate was vacated because the panel failed to explain why the base ...

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‘Gimmick’ with money order didn’t satisfy mortgage (access required)

Where a mortgagee had an undisputed outstanding principal balance of $60,000, his tender of a $890 money order with the words “tendered as full satisfaction of the claim” inscribed in tiny, nearly indecipherable handwriting at the bottom and the mortgage ...

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Another attack on prior immigration order rejected (access required)

A defendant lost his motion to dismiss an illegal re-entry indictment claiming that a prior notice to appear was deficient. The ruling is in accord with numerous district court decisions holding that compliance with immigration regulations is sufficient under the ...

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Stepson’s suit against stepmother to remain in Virginia (access required)

A stepson claiming his stepmother tortiously interfered with contracts between him and his father can proceed with his suit in Virginia. Though the stepson failed to establish that his stepmother, who lives in Florida, is essentially at home in Virginia, ...

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Bifurcation of claims did not prejudice defendant (access required)

Where bifurcation of defendant’s misappropriation of trade secrets claims did not prejudice the defendant’s ability to defend against plaintiff’s antitrust and breach of contract claims and the verdict in the antitrust and breach of contract trial was amply supported, a ...

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